10 Wedding Flower Choices: Their Meanings & Symbolisms

For many brides, the meanings and symbols associated with their flower choices can be a way of expressing a message, feeling or emotion on the big day. Since ancient times, flowers have been used as tokens of love, sympathy, sadness, forgiveness, happiness and thankfulness- amongst many other expressions! However, they have always had meanings and symbols associated with them that most people don’t know about.

So here are 10 flowers and some meanings that may convince you to have them as a feature in your wedding!


white orchid

white orchid

1. White orchids

Orchids are often associated with feminine qualities such as virility, refinement, humility and fertility. White shades often point to purity, virginity and grace (as most white flowers do).



2. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are known to be associated with symbols of life, rebirth and a marking of special occasions, which makes them a perfect wedding flower.



3. Gloriosa

Being one of the more flamboyant flowers, the Gloriosa’s name gives hints to its symbols and meanings. This ‘glorious’ flower points to glory, fame, popularity and prosperity- the ultimate flower for the bride who likes to be the center of attention (even when it’s not her wedding day!)



4. Vanda Orchids – orange and yellow

As first mentioned, the Orchid flower is associated with fertility, affection, love and sexuality. Orchids vary in an amazing range of colours, with cooler colours creating a relaxed and vibrant look, and bright colours signifying strength and courage.



5. Sunflower

Looking like a big bright ode to the sun, the Sun Flower is almost self-descriptive in it’s symbolism. Associated with happiness, joy, laughter and light, this flower will never fail to brighten an occasion!



white calla

6. Calla

This elegant little number is a symbol of innocence and purity. A great choice for brides who want the classic look of a white flower (such as a Rose or white Orchid) but with the added elegance of a Lilly.


pink rose

7. Pink Rose

Ahhh Roses, the traditional flower of love and romance. While Red roses are a symbol of passion and lust, the pink rose is a little more innocent and cautious, being the symbol of hopefulness and expectancy


olive leaf wreath

8. Olive leaves

The olive leaf is traditional a symbol of strength, victory and hope- all qualities a marriage can contain!


gum not wedding flowers

9. Gum nuts

Since we are in Australia… gum nuts are a symbol of Australian identity and pride- and who doesn’t want to be a proud Aussie bride!?


bird of paradise wedding flowers

bird of paradise wedding flower

10. Bird of Paradise

A gorgeous flower of spectacular colour and stance, the Bird Of Paradise is a symbol of joyfulness. It is also (very fittingly) a symbol of magnificence, and is an excellent choice for brides who want to add a little ‘magnifique’ to their special day!

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