A photo shoot, a floral flash mob and, of course, plenty of petals and colour: Recent happenings at Wyld Orchids

The holiday season has finally faded away, leaving behind an exciting and busy 2014, and bringing in a fresh and newly inspiring 2015! But over the past few months, the silly season wasn’t the only thing keeping Lee busy at Wyld Orchids! Apart from the usual bookings from her beautiful bridal clients, Lee has also had a few projects to keep her creative inspiration flowing!

One of these projects was a photo shoot. The inspiration for this shoot came from Lee’s newfound love with doing Pilates. Through doing Pilates at Infinity Pilates, West Lakes, Lee has met some amazing athletes, including Zana, who she asked to model for the shoot.

The shoot was a creative one, with an aim of capturing Lee’s style and creative design. Zana was photographed at Grange beach by Darren, photographer of Impressions Photography Studio, who Lee has trusted with many of her previous flower shoots. Darren captured the whimsical and almost spiritual vibe of the shoot, and Zana presented Lee’s artistry perfectly.

The floral feature necklace and jewelry was made from over 1000 green berries threaded with Phaleanopsis Orchids. The bra was constructed by using a soft moss, which added to the imaginative feel of the ensemble.





The bouquet consisted of a large ball of roses, rings of berries and Phaleanopsis orchids, as well as a long trailing vine. A ring of flowers, berries and vine was also designed and created as a prop to compliment the pieces that Zana wore.


The over-all look included splashes of white, green and purple, with textures that created an overall mystical and delicate vibe.


Hair: Beach Street Hair (Grace Belperio Fratamico)

Make Up: The New Black Studio (Genna)

Design Stylist: Mel Barnett (2 Nice 2 Slice Cake Designs)

Photography: Impressions Photography Studio

Lee’s social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) have also been a focus for generating ideas. From being in the florist industry, Lee has met many creative types from all over the world. One of these is Alison Hobson from Arkansas, USA, who challenged Lee to a ‘Floral Flash mob.’ The challenge was for Lee to post 5 designs for 5 days on her timeline, which turned out to be great for inspiration as well as a walk down memory lane in terms of Lee’s designs. To check out the results of Lee’s challenge, head over to the ‘Floral Flash Mob’ album in the Flower Gallery of this website!

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