Autumn: A time for innovative designs…

Autumn is a unique time of year in Adelaide, with fresh mornings, sunny days and streets full of trees dropping their gorgeous leaves of red, amber and burnt orange. But while our stunning streets are offering rare visual treats, unique beauty can also be found in the latest designs from Wyld Orchids! The recent months have seen some wonderful weddings calling for interesting floral designs with innovative features and new choices in colour theme.

The request for a ‘Gatsby’ inspired bouquet produced a very fun, yet very classy look, with white peacock feathers to secure the theme. The center was made up of calla lilies, berries and scabiosa. The bouquet was a big hit at the wedding, especially with gorgeous bride, Monique, who said she was moved to happy tears at the sight of it!

The brides of Adelaide have certainly been inventive lately, which is great to see because it makes each wedding personal and special! Plus, it keeps things interesting here at Wyld Orchids! These designs were developed around car pistons, which created a very modern and almost ‘industrial’ feel and clashed well with the white and green orchids they were teamed with. Cymbidium orchids and black calla lilies also featured, emphasizing the prettiness of each design. The fresh colours of green and white worked so well against the metallic look of the car pistons- an unexpected and delightful pairing!

While everyone is going crazy for succulents in fish bowels lately, at this wedding it was all about the silk calla! The elegance of the stem and petals worked perfectly with the glass shapes and mirrored plate bases. Simple, yet innovative and fresh.

To be unique, you don’t always need to find a new theme or feature- even a different colour choice can make an arrangement memorable! Yellow sunflowers made up bright table arrangements at this wedding. Just two or three flowers to each vase created enough texture for a cheerful, sunny vibe. The bouquets were made up of yellow and white roses, which were a softer compliment to the bright sunflowers at each table.

These are just a few of the many, many interesting and individual ideas that the brides of Adelaide have come up with over the past few months. It is from these personal ideas that Wyld Orchid designs are created and developed. Individuality is important, especially when it comes to flower choices- and Wyld Orchids is here to nurture and support this! Happy Autumn everyone!

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