Lee Bouras

I am so excited to share with you my inspirations, loves and obsessions in the world of weddings!

My earliest flower memories are of me as a little girl in our garden making up small bouquets of flowers for my Mum to put in her kitchen. Growing up my love of Art work consumed my spare time. I would make drums, ceramics, lead lighting batiks and sketches. But there was a time before flowers when I was not being creative at all. Friends who knew me well would ask when are you are going to go back to your Art ?

My love affair with flowers began as simply as my past life ended. I visited a florist shop to plan my wedding and was flower struck.

I was totally overwhelmed and engulfed with the artistry and beauty of flowers.

Had I missed my calling was it too late to realise a new dream? I wished that I could do this I desperately wanted to learn how do this ! I could not get home quick enough to share my new obsession.

I now had a new lens on I looked at the world in a different way. On my daily walks I was visualising designing and creating with flowers. I became enthralled with floral art design. I dreamed of flowers and I studied floristry. I was totally consumed, I experimented and I created and was now back doing my Art.

My eyes have been opened and my fantasy of floral design is a story book unfolding. I feel I have never really been until I have been with flowers!

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